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2018 workshops:


Exploring Acrylic Painting
5/26, 27, 6/2, 3 10am -1pm

@ Wayne's Studio, Portland OR. $185
(Maximum class enrollment is 6, 1 spots left as of 5/20/18)

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I specialize in teaching people how to paint with acrylic. I have 25 years of experience working with acrylic and 10 years teaching with the medium.


Students in my workshops have a variety of skills: from someone who has never painted to professional artists who want to refine their acrylic technique or learn a new medium.


All my workshops focus on technique, technique, and technique. Some of these brush and paint application techniques include: mixing colors, blending, layering and glazing, preparing the painting surface, and more.


I teach painting techniques to the whole group and most importantly, a set of painting techniques catered to each student based on his or her individual needs. My workshops have a combination of painting demos and painting sessions. The majority of time in each workshop is spent in the painting sessions. In the painting sessions I give a lot of individual attention helping each student with his or her painting and refining his or her painting techniques.


My goals for each student are to help them create art works they are proud of, and add to or refine their painting technique so they have more confidence in creating better paintings on their own after the workshop.


I often have repeat students in my workshops. For my repeat students, I work with them over time to take their painting to the next level by helping them to further refine their painting skills.


I teach workshops in public art centers, my own artist studio, and private workshops at homes of my students. Some of the art institutes where I have taught include: Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, Santa Cruz Art League, and Mendocino Art Center.



General Workshops

(no painting experience necessary)

Exploring Acrylic Painting

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile medium. It can be used in illustrated journals, texture abstract paintings, or traditional portrait paintings. Learn the essential techniques of acrylic painting to improve any art project.


Topics and exercises include:

  • Mixing colors
  • Transitioning to acrylic from other mediums
  • Collaging and mixed medium with acrylic
  • Painting landscape and still life 
  • Building up texture with acrylic

Workshop Duration:

Long workshop: 4 days, 6-7 hours per day
or 8 days, 3 hours a day.

Short workshop: 4 days, 3 hours per day or 2 days, 6 hours a day.

Level: no painting necessary

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Upcoming workshop dates:



5/26, 27, 6/2, 3, 2018 10am -1pm

@ Wayne's Studio, Portland OR.
(Maximum class enrollment is 6)

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Intermediate and Advanced Workshops

(some painting experience necessary)


Artful Sketchbooks

Your sketchbooks can be the playground for your artistic inner child. A sketchbook is a great way to fit art into your busy life. In this workshop you will create artful sketchbook pages without too much effort, space, time, or material. In this workshop we will sketch, collage, paint, doodle, cut, and paste in sketchbooks, but most importantly we'll have fun!

Just bring yourself to the workshop, all materials are included.

Workshop Duration:
2 days 6-7 hours per day

Level: no painting or art experience necessary


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Paint Like the Old Dutch Masters with Acrylic


This class is designed to help you take acrylic painting to the next level. Through a mixture of demos, hands-on painting sessions from photos or still life, you will learn Wayne Jiang’s unique acrylic glazing and layering techniques to paint like the old Dutch masters. You’ll also learn how to create rich tones with a limited color palette, and how to make the transition from oil or watercolor to acrylic.


This class will cover various acrylic techniques:

• Layering in glazes
• Combining opaque and transparent painting

• Best practices for planning and preparation

• Preparing surfaces for acrylic

• How to use photo references correctly


Level: some painting experience necessary


Workshop Duration:
2, 3 or 4 days, 6-7 hours per day


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Luminous Acrylic Portraits of People or Pets

Painting luminous portraits with acrylic is easier than you think! This workshop breaks down complex processes into simple steps. Find out how to use photo references properly, how to plan a portrait’s mood and composition before painting, and how to build up contrast and texture with underpainting glazing and layering. Learn to create subtle luminous skin tones with a limited color palette. Wayne will help you improve your painting by learning how to analyze and apply techniques from your favorite painters. 

If you haven’t created many acrylic paintings, it’s not a problem! Wayne will help you transition to acrylic from other mediums. With a combination of demos and hands-on painting sessions as well as extensive one-on-one attention, we will discover techniques that work for you. 

Level: some painting experience necessary

Workshop Duration: 4 days, 6-7 hours per day

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Take Your Acrylic Painting to the Next Level


This class is designed for anyone who wants to refine their acrylic painting skills. The focus of this workshop is the individual. Through demos and painting sessions Wayne will help each student get to the next level of their acrylic painting.

Topics covered:
• Color palette choices to achieve your goal
• Layering and glazing
• Developing your own style in acrylic
• Channeling your favorite painter


Level: some painting experience necessary

2, 3 or 4 days, 6-7 hours per day







Why Acrylic?

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile medium. It can be used in traditional portrait, landscape, still life paintings, illustrated journals, or textured abstract paintings. Acrylic is a healthier medium than oil and pastel as it does not require air ventilation and is not harmful to the skin. Acrylic has the best light fastness than other painting mediums. It does not fade over time as much as oil, pastel, and watercolor. Acrylic can be applied to a variety of primed or unprimed surfaces: wood, canvas, paper, wall, etc. This is why acrylic is the medium of choice for most outdoor muralists. In my workshops you will learn the essential techniques of acrylic painting to improve any art project.



I’m new to painting. Which workshops are right for me?

The Exploring Acrylic Painting workshop is designed for anyone who has recently started to paint or for anyone who has painted in other mediums and wants to learn to paint using acrylic.

No painting skill is required for The Artful Sketchbook workshop as well.



I have some painting experience but not in acrylic. Which workshops are right for me?

If you have some painting experience (watercolor, pastel, color pencil, or oil) you can attend any of my workshops.



How many paintings/artworks can I finish in each workshop?

During a 3-day workshop, students generally finish at least 2, or up to 4 or 5 paintings depending on the size and the level and speed of the student. On the first day of a workshop, students generally finish one small painting using my technique step-by-step. The second and third days, students work with bigger and more complex paintings applying the techniques they learned the first day. For The Artful Sketchbook workshop, we work in simpler and more spontaneous methods. Students generally complete 10-14 pages of sketchbook pages in 2 days.



What kind of subject matters can I paint in your workshops?


In my workshops, you can paint any subject matter you choose: portraits, figures, pets, still life, landscape, or interiors. We generally paint from photo references, but will set still life if there is a request. I will bring variety of photo references for you to choose from.



Can I apply your painting techniques to other styles besides realistic painting?


My technique of glazing and layering acrylic is very versatile; it applies not only to realistic painting, but other paint styles like abstract, mixed medium, and plein aire.



What do I need to bring to the workshop?

In most of my workshops, most of the materials are included. This includes: paint, brushes, photo references, palettes, and painting surfaces (panels or canvas). In most cases, all you need to bring is yourself. If you like, you can bring your own brushes, photo references, or still life. In some cases, I might ask students to bring their own tabletop easel.



How do receive information on your upcoming workshops?

Sign up for my newsletter. You will receive my upcoming workshop schedule as well as information about my upcoming exhibits and my latest works.




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